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Act of God

Act of God

There is an interesting statement that is often thrown up, or even worse, thrown directly into God’s Face, and that is, “it is all your fault God,” and even Insurance Companies have a clause to cover unforeseen disasters as “Acts of God.”  I object to this unfair and un-truth.  From childhood we heard stories of the good angel/good guy sits on your right shoulder to tell you to do things that are right, and the Devil/Evil Angel sits on your left shoulder begging you to do evil and wrong.

Some societies even encouraged you to… Continue reading

Don’t Go There

Don’t go There!

We can all relate to this, some to a much greater extent than others; and the very lucky ones, to a very minor extent, as we all have things in our past that are not nice, some are even excessively horrid, we all, just do not ever go there anymore.  Some of these situations in our past were inflicted upon us by others, outside from us, not by our choice, and some were situations that we inadvisably placed ourselves into, and in “Hind-sight” should not have ever gone that way, and then we have on-goingly suffered… Continue reading