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Walking in the Spirit – 4

Walking in the Spirit – Four

So now we can identify clearly the problem that we each face, but what is the solution?  The solution is the same as it has always been, Confession, Repentance, and Baptism.  Tell the world that you have changed, be buried under the water to symbolize your death to the old life, get raised up out of the water to a new life, a life “In Christ” and live a life dedicated to him, living in the flesh is no longer, as it has been put to death, crucified, we now live in… Continue reading

Walking in the Spirit – 3

Walking in the Spirit – 3

There is so much said about “walking in the Spirit, and not in the flesh,” but then those who expound this often have no reality of what this statement really means, and they are often advocating something that they have no daily experience with.  So let us unwrap this a wee bit so that we can all gain a deeper insight, and be blessed with a closer walk with Jesus Christ.

Quote; “Every Christian must stand on guard continually, watching every avenue of the soul where Satan might find access. He must pray… Continue reading

Walking in the Spirit – 2

Walking in the Spirit – Two

Quote; “So how do we know if and when we are “Spirit Walking?”  Repentance from self-righteousness is terribly painful because we have to swallow our pride – our spiritual pride.  The things we have looked to as evidence of our goodness, we have to see as monuments to self.  It was hard for Peter to repent of his own opinion.  It was hard for Paul to give up his righteousness of the law.  But each of these realized that God was right and that He was their only hope.… Continue reading

Walking in the Spirit – Part 1

Walking in the Spirit – One

Here are some interesting thought gleaned from a book by Jack Sequeria, “Laodicea,” (chapter 3; adapted). “ when Jesus accuses us of being lukewarm, this is what he is talking about – works of the law – works of the Flesh, legalism – forms of godliness, attempting to obey the law in our own strength in order to be saved, doing good things for the wrong reasons.  And he warns us, “Because thou art lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will spue thee out of my mouth” Rev 3:16.

This lukewarmness will… Continue reading

Bonsai Christians

Bonsai Christians

When you look at a Bonsai Tree, it is absolutely amazing, in every minute detail it is an absolutely perfect tree for its breed, and age, whether a few years old or even if it is many hundreds of years old, even a Cedar that is centimetres tall and not many meters tall, they are perfect in every way, well that is, until you put them beside the “Real Deal” and then you discover that they are a “Miniature” or a midget when compared to the full grown and normal sized edition.

A Baby, is a fully developed… Continue reading

The Lemon Tree

The Lemon Tree

The Gardener surveyed his little orchard, and decided that there was space for a lemon tree, then a nice specimen was found at the supplier and taken home.  The area was prepared and fertilizer dug in, the tree was planted and staked and a thick layer of mulch was layered over it.  Then a frost protection canopy was erected to protect the tree.  The gardener knew that it was very late in the season to plant trees, and the hot dry weather was upon the area, but the gardener was going to be very… Continue reading

New Year 2018

Happy New Year 2018

Here we are at, the new beginning, and a brand “New Year” stretches out before us, which is a “Brand – New – Beginning,” for all of us.  New sights to see, new places to travel to, new foods to taste and new experiences, and new friends, and maybe even some new family members to get to know.  This is so much like, “Coming to Jesus Christ,” as with confession and repentance, this verse applies, 2 Corinthians 5:17 “Therefore if any man [be] in Christ, [he is] a new creature: old things are passed… Continue reading

Christmas 2017

Christmas – 2017

Well here we are knocking on the door at the end of another year, which has almost flashed past like a rocket. Just spare a thought for God, at this time of festivities, as you can go home to your friends, families, associates and be together in fun, festivities, and fellowship, and there is lonely God, looking down that huge “Banqueting Table” and it is still all silent and empty, his Family are still down here on “Planet Earth,” and he is still waiting for us prodigals, to all come home up to his banqueting hall in… Continue reading



There is an interesting term that was coined back in the mid 50’s, so I guess, that by now, we all must be somehow infected, with this interesting disease, some are very heavily infected, and some have a decent sniffle of, “Affluenza.”  There are two basic levels of this affliction, Full Blown “Have’s” and all those “Wanna Be’s” who have a mild affliction, and yet long for more wealth, and a fuller infection of “got it all,” and are led to believe that “Having” is the end all , and be all, of everything, that they have finally… Continue reading

Standing on the Promises

Standing on the Promises


Quote; “To abide in faith is to put aside feeling and selfish desires, to walk humbly with the Lord, to appropriate His promises, and apply them to all occasions, believing that God will work out His own plans and purposes in your heart and life. {FLB 122}

Let us read the words to this great old Hymn; Standing on the promises of Christ my King, Through eternal ages let His praises ring, Glory in the highest, I will shout and sing, Standing on the promises of God. Chorus; Standing, standing, Standing on the promises of… Continue reading