Kiwi Maranatha Charitable Trust

Monthly Message

We are now in “Mid Winter” and the fruit trees are starting to acknowledge that “Spring” is getting closer as the buds start to swell and the tiny tips of leaves can be just seen in the swelling bud. Very soon as the weather warms we will see more new growth on trees, plants and flowers, lambs, calves and other livestock will soon be seen in the fields around us. There is “New Life” starting to abound around us all, but is there a “New Life in Christ Jesus” sprouting out from the Holy Spirit abiding with us? May we all get deeper in “The Word” both Scripture and The-Word who is Jesus Christ and then go on to live the life of a Believer and not to have “a form of Godliness, but have no power or evidence of a living Faith and Walk with the Lord.” If you are coming up short, why not come back to God, make things right, and then blossom and grow in Grace.