Kiwi Maranatha Charitable Trust

Monthly Message

Summer is speeding on wards, the days are getting shorter and the nights longer, and the cooler days are replacing the long hot weather, Autumn is just around the corner and Winter is cold on its heels. Now is the time to consider when to plant out the winter crops, what maintenance is required to stop the high wind and rain from doing serious damage. Winter clothing and thick quilts, electric blankets, boots, gloves and all that are becoming something to be considered. How has your relationship with God fared this summer, or did God get dropped and the beach towel picked up, sunnies on and out the door to fun fun fun? God has never left your side, but ignoring him has dire consequences, and does damage your relationship. So why not instead of heating up the Barbecue, heat up a real relationship with him right now. Come back and confess your failings and short commings amd start afresh, today, right now.